Interactive Dermatology Atlas
Editors and Founding Authors
Richard P. Usatine, M.D.
Brian D. Madden, M.D.
Technical Development
Chandra Barnett
Source of materials and references:
Most of the photos in this atlas were taken by Dr. Richard Usatine. Some of these photos have been also published in Skin Surgery: A Practical Guide, Practical Allergy, Journal of Family Practice, Western Journal of Medicine, and Essentials of Family Medicine. Additional photos are published here with permission from the Skin Cancer Foundation and Drs. Armand Cognetta and Dan Stulberg.
Reference materials that support the descriptions of the skin conditions include:
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Habif T. Clinical Dermatology: A Color Guide to Diagnosis and Therapy. Fourth Edition. Mosby, 2003.

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Usatine R, Moy R, Tobinick E, Siegel D. Skin Surgery: A Practical Guide. Mosby-Year Book, Inc., St. Louis, 1998

We would like to thank William Rampino for his work that helped to develop the original database and the Skin Cancer Foundation and Drs. Armand Cognetta and Dan Stulberg for the use of their photographs.

Dr. Usatine would like to personally thank the many medical students that have worked on developing the Interactive Dermatology Atlas over the past ten years.

Also, Dr. Usatine thanks the many patients who have graciously allowed him to photograph their skin conditions to further the education of medical students, residents and physicians across the globe.

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