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Surgical Treatments
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amputation Surgical Treatment
aspiration Surgical Treatment
compression stockings Surgical Treatment
Cryosurgery Surgical Treatment Slides
Curettage and Dessication Surgical Treatment Video
Electrosurgery Surgical Treatment Slides
Elliptical excision Surgical Treatment Video Slides
Incise and drain area Surgical Treatment Slides
Intralesional steroid injection Surgical Treatment
laser ablation Surgical Treatment
Mohs Micrographic surgery Surgical Treatment Slides
Punch excision Surgical Treatment Video Slides
Shave biopsy Surgical Treatment
Shave excision Surgical Treatment Video Slides
Snip excision Surgical Treatment
Wound care Surgical Treatment
acne surgery Surgical Treatment
Medical Treatments
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Anthralin topical
Antifungal, systemic (oral)
Benzamycin gel, topical
Calcipotriene (Dovonex) topical solution
Ciprofloxacin, oral
diabetes treatment
Epinephrine, SQ or IM
Hydroquinone 3%
hydroxychloroquine, oral
Keratolytic/emollient (Lac-Hydrin)
Kwell (Lindane)
lipid lowering meds
No treatment available
Oral contraceptive pill
photochemotherapy, PUVA
Silvadene cream
tretinoin topical
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) topically
UV light therapy
Accutane (isotretinoin) Acne Treatments
Azaleic acid (Azalex) cream Acne Treatments
Benzoyl Peroxide, topical 10% Acne Treatments
Benzoyl Peroxide, topical 2.5-5% Acne Treatments
Differin (adapalene) gel Acne Treatments
Retin-A (tretinoin), Micro Acne Treatments
Antibiotics, IV Antibiotics
Azithromycin Antibiotics
Bactroban, topical Antibiotics
Benzathine Penicillin G 2.4 million units IM Antibiotics
Cephalexin Antibiotics
Dapsone Antibiotics
Dicloxacillin Antibiotics
Doxycycline Antibiotics
Erythromycin, oral Antibiotics
Erythromycin, topical Antibiotics
Keflex Antibiotics
Metronidazole, topical Antibiotics
Minocycline, oral Antibiotics
Penicillin VK oral Antibiotics
Sulfacetamide (eyedrops) Antibiotics
Tetracycline, oral Antibiotics
Antifungal, topical Antifungals
Clotrimazole (Lotrimin) cream 1%, topical Antifungals
Fluconazole, oral 400 mg once Antifungals
Griseofulvin Antifungals
Ketoconazole, cream Antifungals
Ketoconazole, oral Antifungals
Ketoconazole, shampoo Antifungals
Selenium Sulfate Antifungals
Terbinafine Antifungals
Antihistamine, non-sedative Antihistamines
Antihistamine, sedating Antihistamines
Benadryl (diphenhydramine) Antihistamines
doxepin Antihistamines
H2-blocking agent Antihistamines
Aspirin Anti-inflammatories
NSAID Anti-inflammatories
Thiabendazole, topical Antiparasitic
Acyclovir Antivirals
Aldara (imiquimod) Antivirals
Anti-retrovirals Antivirals
Antivirals (Acyclovir/Famciclovir/Valacyclovir) Antivirals
Famciclovir Antivirals
Podofilox soln or gel Antivirals
Valacyclovir Antivirals
5-Fluorouracil Chemotherapy
azathioprine Chemotherapy
chemotherapy -oral Chemotherapy
cyclophosphamide Chemotherapy
cyclosporine Chemotherapy
Methotrexate, oral Chemotherapy
clobetasol 0.05% cream Corticosteroids
Hydrocortisone cream 1% Corticosteroids
Hydrocortisone Lotion 1% Corticosteroids
Hydrocortisone ointment 1% Corticosteroids
Prednisone Corticosteroids
Steroid cream, high-potency Corticosteroids
Steroid ointment, high-potency Corticosteroids
Steroid scalp solution, high potency Corticosteroids
Triamcinolone cream 0.1% Corticosteroids
Triamcinolone ointment 0.1% Corticosteroids
aluminum chloride powder OTC products
Aveeno bath OTC products
Calamine lotion OTC products
Emollient OTC products
Eucerin cream OTC products
Lactic acid (Lac-Hydrin) OTC products
Petroleum Jelly, apply prn OTC products
salicylic acid, topical OTC products
urea, topically (Carmol) OTC products
Acitretin oral Psoriasis Treatment
Dovonex (calcipotriene), topical Psoriasis Treatment
Tazarotene (Tazorac) gel, topical Psoriasis Treatment
Patient Education/Counseling
Avoid/remove exposure Education/Counseling
Clean bedsheets, linens and clothing Education/Counseling
Clean hot tub or jacuzzi Education/Counseling
cosmetic coverup Education/Counseling
cut fingernails Education/Counseling
diet - nutrition Education/Counseling
Elevate affected extremity Education/Counseling
Explain disease process Education/Counseling
Gluten-free diet Education/Counseling
Keep hands dry Education/Counseling
Minimize sun exposure and use sunscreen Education/Counseling
No good treatments available Education/Counseling
Observation Education/Counseling
Reassurance Education/Counseling
Recommend insect extermination Education/Counseling
Referral to other specialty Education/Counseling
Safe sex counseling Education/Counseling
Stop or limit intake of alcoholic beverages Education/Counseling
Stop taking the offending medication. Education/Counseling
Suggest appropriate workplace changes Education/Counseling
Suggest hygiene changes Education/Counseling
weight loss Education/Counseling